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Air Transportation

Texarkana provides Domestic and International Air Freight Services ensuring quality service and affordable rates. 

Sea Transportation

We offer container services between most major ports around the world. Our expertise in the maritime industry enables us to provide import and export freight transportation.

Road Freight

We offer services with large and small trucks for the entire country

Packing & Unpacking

We offer the packaging service at home with all the necessary elements and tools

Sending documents

We pick up the document at your home anywhere in the country and at no additional cost or you can bring it to a branch or office of the associated logistics companies.

Storage Services

We got more than 150 storages around the country. At the end of this year we plan to expand to 500.

Imports and online buys

When you finish your purchase and you are at the check out, enter the new address that we will send you in "Shipping Address" so that we can receive your products.

Short distance logistics

Cars for short-distance shipments to places in your same area


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